Day of the engineers * Engineer's Day

Basic idea of ​​the Day of the Engineers: Promotion of junior engineers and visualization of the outstanding achievements of the engineers in public.

Reason: Engineers are capable of making an important contribution to leading our society forward in the future.

As personalities, who deal daily with the topics technology, nature and society, they can create well-founded solutions, which interact with each other.

The complexity of the interaction is steadily increasing, which is why more and more engineers are needed to overcome these challenges.

An effective and active instrument for directly promoting young talent is the comprehensive and regular visualization of the engineers as personalities and the communication of their achievements.

Every engineer and every engineer must and can be proud of their own performance. Due to the positive attitude to the profession and the awareness of the personal contribution that the engineers make to society and the economy, this will be transferred to the perception of the population and to the next generation. The day of engineers proactively promotes this awareness and perception.

Engineers should understand their performance on the impact and benefit, not the explanation of the problem!

Visualization of the outstanding achievements

The increased perception of engineers in society also enhances the benefits that engineers provide daily and their benefits.

Measure: All engineers identify themselves on important occasions with a light blue accessory (positive element, fitting to the person) and thereby publicly acknowledge that they belong to this important occupational category.

On March 15 of each year, on the day of engineers, engineers take time to actively introduce to society the profession. The choice of action is left to the creativity of the individual or of the forming groups (companies, alumni, associations, students, etc.).

Engineers are proud of their performance and show it too.

On the day of the engineers, companies and educational institutions are invited to give their employees and students time to get involved in the profession and the promotion of young talent.

The idea lives from the fact that every engineer speaks with pride about the profession and the performance and thus amplifies the effect and multiplies it in public.

Who initiated the day of engineers?

The day of the engineers was launched on March 15, 2018 by Daniel Löhr (civil engineer FH / STV) and Christian Vils (electrical engineer FH / STV). The day of the engineers becomes a nationwide event every year in Switzerland. On this day, the company should pay tribute to the achievements of the engineers, which enable us to lead a carefree life.

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